Zelter is a survival game that looks like Stardew Valley meets The Walking Dead

Have you ever thought to yourself, I’d like to play a game like Stardew Valley, with cute retro-graphics, upbeat music, fun NPCs, and a farm that I can build and upgrade as I like—but I’d also like to wade through the clammy guts of the undead hordes as I blast them into sticky chunks with an arsenal of explosive firepower? I can’t guarantee that Zelter will deliver that exact experience, but it sure looks like it might.

At its core, Zelter sounds like a familiar sort of experience: You’ll craft weapons, reinforce your defensive fortifications, scavenge for supplies, and rescue friendly NPCs. Sooner or later, though, the zombie apocalypse will arrive, and then it’s time for a fight. But then it’s back to the ranch to do some crafting, plant some crops, and hang out with your friends, and even your cat.

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