Xbox Series X gamers now have to deal with ambient occlusion settings too. Welcome to the party

When the original Xbox launched back in 2001, some laughed at it for being a PC in the guise of a console. Well, they’re not laughing anymore. Now that the Xbox Series X is out, the circle is complete: an Xbox game now features a complete PC-style graphical options menu, complete with varying levels of shadow quality, anisotropic filtering, and the ability to turn motion blur off. Turns out Evan was right, we’ve won the console war.

The game in question is the China-developed Bright Memory, and the screen was spotted by Matt Brown, editor of our sister site Windows Central, who posted it on Twitter.

Bright Memory graphics options

(Image credit: FYQD Studio)

Bright Memory, from one-man studio FYQD, saw a PC release last year, and has been remade for Xbox Series X. It melds a somewhat complicated backstory involving 1,000-year-old swords, raising the dead, a massive terrorist organisation, quantum transporters and a floating island to combo-based first-person hack ‘n’ slash gameplay. 

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