Warzone players remain frustrated by cheaters even after Infinity Ward asked everyone to please stop cheating

A squad of alleged aimbotters has trapped a guy behind his riot shield. The particular suspected cheater we’re spectating, captured in the video below, continues firing at the shield guy’s protected head. Tiring of that, he finally tries to run up on him with a thermite grenade—but the shield wins out. It’s a lovely bit of schadenfreude, although the riot shielder’s victory against cheating is short-lived. The rest of the squad gets him in the end.

Infinity Ward worked to address Call of Duty: Warzone’s cheating problem earlier this year with a big ban wave and new reporting features, but many players don’t think it’s doing enough. Despite the issuance of another stern anti-cheat warning at the end of July, Warzone players continue to report cheaters with superhuman aim and the apparent ability to see through walls.

Aimbotting max rank hacker with the most overpowered gun in damascus vs One plastic shieldy boi, who wins? from r/CODWarzone

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