Tough as Nails Indie Shooter Ruiner Is Perfect for Gamers Looking for a Challenge

Ruiner is a punishing twin-stick indie shooter that is as rewarding as it is difficult. It is a must-play for any gamers looking for a challenge.

Hard video games have been around since the medium’s creation. They simultaneously taunt gamers with their rage-inducing gameplay while mesmerizing them with gratuitous feelings of achievement when they finally overcome the challenge. Many gamers chase that rewarding sensation that painstakingly difficult games offer, and are always looking for the next big challenge. Luckily, the indie shooter Ruiner can fulfill even the most advanced gamer’s thirst for difficulty.

Ruiner is a cyberpunk twin-stick shooter that is as hard as it is rewarding. Players take the role of a silent protagonist known as Puppy as he seeks vengeance on an elite corporation called Heaven for kidnapping his brother. As Puppy seeks out the top members of Heaven, he finds out there is more to the kidnapping than meets the eye.

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Although Ruiner‘s plot is a bit bland and generic, the game’s high octane combat more than makes up for its shoddy story. It features intense, fast-paced action sequences that require both precision and quick reflexes, combining action roguelike gameplay with bullet hell shooter mechanics. The result is a rigorous yet rewarding experience. Enemies will swarm from every direction while bombarding players with endless gunfire, so players need to swiftly maneuver through the waves of bullets while gunning down the opposing forces. Ruiner‘s combat can be relentless at times, but its high-risk-high-reward mentality leaves players begging for more.

Having a well-rounded skill set is vital in getting past some of Ruiner‘s more strenuous sections. As the game progresses, players will be able to unlock new skillsets and abilities through karma points earned during missions. Shield upgrades, overpowering attacks and even time manipulation abilities will upload to Puppy’s mainframe once he receives enough karma. Some abilities are more useful against certain enemies, so players will need to experiment with what works best with their playstyle.

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There is more to Ruiner than its exhilarating combat and interesting cyberpunk world. The game also features some of the most hauntingly alluring music in gaming today, having a dark industrial vibe with sinister EDM influences. It is extremely unconventional and will have players questioning if they should turn the madding soundtrack off or jam out to its hypnotic rhythm. Its ghastly ambiance meshes with Ruiner‘s futuristic dystopian atmosphere perfectly, setting the mood for the rest of the game.

Ruiner is not for the faint of heart. The unforgiving nature of its combat combined with its bullet hell influences will give even the most seasoned gamers a challenge. It’s clear that this game wasn’t made with the biggest budget in the world (it’s an indie title after all), but its stellar gameplay will rope players in from start to finish. If you are looking to push your gaming skills (and possibly your sanity) to the limit, give Ruiner a try.

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