This Xbox Series X refrigerator is a ‘prize’ that you can ‘win’

The Xbox Series X is ugly. I know some are charmed by its brutalist slab design, but a thing can be ugly and charming at the same time, and it’s sort of cute how un-designed the new Xbox is compared to the PS5’s curvy chassis. However, a thing can also be ugly and not charming at all, but simply grotesque, which I’d argue is the case for this Xbox Series X-shaped refrigerator.

Microsoft is leaning into jokes about the Series X’s fridge-like design with this giveaway, but what I enjoy about the marketing gag is that the Xbox Series X doesn’t even look good as a fridge. It looks like a terrible fridge, and one I’d only want to own it if I had no other refrigerator options. If that’s the case for the person who wins it, I’m happy for them, but sad for them, too, because now they have to look at this Xbox fridge.

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