The Witcher 3 console commands: Every cheat and console command

The Witcher 3 is a truly massive RPG full of magical beasts, fantasy drama, and at least one excellent tub. Take on every quest with Geralt, and you’re easily going to be busy for a couple hundred hours. And yet there are still some things that The Witcher 3, in its native form, is missing—like infinitely spawning horses and the ability to become drunk instantaneously, for example. That’s where The Witcher 3 console commands come in.

By using console commands and cheats in The Witcher 3, you can turn Geralt into a god, empty his wallet, and much more. Here’s how to enter these game-changing codes, along with all the console commands that you can use in The Witcher 3.

How to use The Witcher 3 console commands

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