The PlayStation 5’s missing 1440p support is a huge bummer

I bought my first 1440p monitor in 2013, the same year the PlayStation 4 was released. In the last seven years, the 1440p monitor has gone from a high-end PC gaming luxury to an ideal midpoint between cheap 1080p displays and expensive 4K. At 1440p, playing games at 100+ fps is now reasonably easy for powerful graphics cards. The best gaming monitor is 1440p. Seven years later, it’s ridiculous Sony’s PlayStation 5 can’t output a 1440p video signal.

When I plugged Sony’s new console into my current 1440p monitor, a 144Hz Asus model, it defaulted to outputting at 1080p60. The monitor has to upscale that 1080p signal to its native resolution, which feels like a ridiculous and unnecessary hit to picture quality for a $400 device released in 2020.

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