The Internet Archive’s new Flash library is a nostalgic goldmine

Flash is dying. On December 31, Adobe is pulling the plug on the venerable animation tool. With browsers increasingly removing support for the software anyway, that frontier of game development has become harder and harder to revisit. This week, the Internet Archive launched its own Flash software library, a catalogue of .swf files that lets you revisit the best (and worst) games of the 2000s as their creators intended—through a tiny window in your web browser.

At time of writing, there are over 530 different games, animated movies, and nonsensical web toys to explore over on the Internet Archive’s Flash Library. The classics are mostly there, sure (Alien Hominid! Line Rider! That infuriating Badger song!) but they sit next to all the weird, terrible games and shorts that flooded Newgrounds, or whatever knock-off site got through the school’s internet filters.

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