The Best Gifts for Tabletop Gamers in 2020

It’s been a tough year for tabletop gaming, but there are still plenty of gifts out there to absolutely wow fans of physical games.

The holiday season is here once again, and with that comes the obvious notion of picking up gifts for friends and family. Of course, buying gifts can be a difficult task, especially during such a tumultuous year. Nowhere is this more clear than with tabletop games, which have become difficult to enjoy regularly because of the coronavirus pandemic. That being said, there are still some wonderful gifts that can brighten up any tabletop gamer’s year.

There have been a number of new games, expansions, and a ton of other stuff released this year, plus there are always classics to dip into for any gamers with gaps in their tabletop collections. Tabletop games range in complexity and genre, so it’s important to keep in mind the individual interests of the person gifts are being bought for. Of course, Dungeons and Dragons gifts are almost certainly going to win over a tabletop gamer’s heart, but there’s plenty of other stuff out there too.

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Custom Miniatures

dungeons and dragons miniatures

Miniatures are one of the key elements of any tabletop gaming campaign, though it can take some time to find the perfect one. However, Hero Forge allows users to customize their own miniatures, with a wide range of options to create a perfect match. These are useful for a number of tabletop games, making a worthwhile gift for just about any tabletop fan. Plus, there’s a decent spread of price points depending on the material chosen. Hero Forge also offers the option for a downloadable schematic, which can then be 3D-printed, for those with a 3D printer or near a store with one to use.

Wyrmwood Tables

While they certainly don’t come cheap, Wyrmwood Tables are perhaps the ultimate tabletop gift for the holiday season. Tabletop automatically implies that players have a good surface to work on, but it can be difficult to find one large enough to accommodate a group of players and their dice, character sheets, miniatures, and a battlemat. Enter Wyrmwood, a company mostly known for its dice trays, but with an offering of other products that make life a bit easier for tabletop groups. Wyrmwood has a few tables on offer, with the Prophecy being the current version, though smaller, customizable tables are also in the works, and at a fraction of the cost. It’s a great IOU gift idea for someone that’s serious about the best tabletop experience out there, but be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

New Dice

Dungeons and Dragons sapphire dice stacked on top of each other

Just about every tabletop game under the sun uses dice in some fashion, whether that’s a set of polyhedral dice for Dungeons and Dragons, or a standard set of six-sided dice for classic board games. These come in just about all shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of options to tailor to whoever is receiving them. Better yet, there are some interesting designs out there that can be picked up for just a few bucks – though it’s also possible to find dice at pretty much any price point, for those that want to go all out.

Twists on Classic Games


If it’s gained mainstream popularity in the last few years, then there’s a good chance that there’s a licensed board game out there for it. While Monopoly will always be Monopoly at its core, finding a version of it themed after, say, Star Wars, is a good enough twist to make it worthwhile for just about any tabletop fan. It doesn’t stop there, either. As nerdy pastimes have grown more common, so too has the ability to find things related to them out in the wild. That means special versions of Clue, Life, and pretty much anything else one can think of for those in need of a gift quickly.


Having a notebook handy for a tabletop gaming session is frequently a necessity. While tabletop games don’t always use them, games with long campaigns will typically benefit from some sort of note keeping, which can help gamers remember where they were at in a story, important details they may be overlooking, or even helping flesh out a character. There are themed notebooks for just about everything, with looks that can also be tailored to an individual, just like dice and miniatures. While basic ones may not make the best gifts, leather-bound notebooks or ones with special designs can make a great gift.


Dungeons and Dragons Beyond Application

Tabletop games tend to offer a decent amount of physical merch, which makes it a lot easier for one to broadcast their passions. While buying clothes can be difficult due to sizing, things like t-shirts make wonderful gifts for tabletop enthusiasts. There’s a broad range to choose from here, but if the person in question is a fan of a specific game or show, it’s probably a good idea to start there. For instance, a Dungeons and Dragons shirt is great, but if they’re a fan of a webseries like Critical Role, getting something tailored to that can add an extra personal touch.

Odds are, tabletop gamers have a specific need they’ve been looking to overcome to level up their gaming experience. While there are plenty of great gift options out there, if anything specific has been brought up during a recent game session it’s probably best to try and help out with that. Tabletop games are one of the most diverse hobbies out there, and each game has slightly different needs to fill. That being said, anyone that’s ever unsure of what to pick up can’t go wrong with the options listed here.

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