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What is it? A wholesome life-sim where you ferry spirits into the afterlife
Expect to pay TBA
Developer Thunder Lotus
Publisher Thunder Lotus
Reviewed on i5-2500K, 8GB RAM, GTX 670
Multiplayer Yes
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Spiritfarer‘s lead writer and creative director Nicholas Guérin was at Ubisoft before he joined Thunder Lotus Games. During his nine years there, he worked on the Assassin’s Creed series as a level designer, creating scenarios that would let players efficiently and brutally stab people in the neck in acts of vengeful fun. Wanting to create something a little closer to home, Guérin joined Thunder Lotus to develop a game where “everything centered around care”—that approached the topic of death with compassion and openness. Spiritfarer, a life sim about dying, does exactly that.

You play as Stella, an upbeat ferry master who is responsible for finding and helping wandering spirits pass on into the afterlife. After inviting the spirits to stay on your boat, you take care of them and make sure they live comfortably on your vessel. Then, when they decide they’re ready to move on, you take them to a huge, ominous portal called the Everdoor, and see their journey through to the end. Sometimes the goodbyes are easy but, more often than not, they are bittersweet farewells to characters you’ve grown to love. 


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This gentle cycle is made all the more difficult because you take care of each spirit when they board your boat. You’re tasked with crafting a personal space for each character, preparing their preferred foods, and keeping them happy with plenty of hugs. Very much in keeping with the life sim formula, you’ll need to complete little tasks at all the boat’s different stations—cooking, crafting, farming, weaving, smelting and so on. 

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