Samsung’s next-gen 980 Pro SSD to deliver blistering speeds up to 7,000MB/s

We have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD since it was unveiled at CES in January, and then more recently when a prominent leaker said it would be releasing soon. Apparently very soon, at this point—as spotted by TechPowerUp, Samsung went live with a product page for the 980 Pro series, then yanked it offline.

There are rarely any do-overs on the web, and a cached copy of the 980 Pro product page highlights this fact. It reveals that Samsung was able to increase the speed of the already super-fast SSD a bit since it was shown off at CES. The listing shows it can now deliver up to 7,000MB/s of sequential write performance (versus 6,500MB/s) and up to 5,000MB/s of sequential writes.

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