Rogue Legacy 2’s brutal platforming drags down the action

Mistiming a jump, I clatter into a hulking brute in a suit of armor. I fall backwards, managing to bail out before I hit the spike trap below, but not quickly enough to dodge an incoming firebolt from a very angry floating wizard. The screen fades to black, and my unfortunate protagonist—the short-sighted Lady Alex—shrugs in my direction before giving up the ghost.

It’s been nearly six years since I last played Rogue Legacy, and in many ways playing the sequel I feel like I’ve never been away. It’s almost instantly recognisable, from the endearingly clunky combat to its cheeky sense of humour. The central narrative premise remains unchanged: Each time the roguelite claims the life of your hero, one of your heirs takes up the mantle. After frittering away your inheritance (aka the money you earned on your previous run) on whatever upgrades they can afford, your successor heads off to make their own fortune, and almost certainly perish in the process.

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