Razer Naga X gaming mouse review

The Razer Naga gaming mouse is a favorite of the hardware team over at PC Gamer. What makes the Naga line unique is the ability to swap between three side panels with different button layouts to cater to other uses or types of games you might play. 

Personally, my favorite was the Naga Trinity, released a few years ago, which offered an extra panel with a six-button circular design. I played many a Heroes of the Storm match when I first tried out the Naga Trinity, and mapping abilities onto each of those buttons felt great. I’d even go as far as to argue that it made me a slightly better player. I also got to play almost entirely without using a keyboard, a wild way to play a  competitive MOBA. The circular selection also worked as a convenient item and weapon wheel for shooters for games like Fornite or Apex Legends. 

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