Puzzle, Action and Adventure Preferred by Indian Gamers

June 5, 2020

With what’s estimated to be over a million games available to play on a plethora of different devices, the gaming industry has something for everyone to find enjoyment in. Mobile and online games, in particular, are home to some of the most popular titles in the world.

In India, while the gaming landscape is just as varied as it is anywhere else in the world, there are certain favourites that this rapidly expanding section of the industry prefers. Along with casino games that you can play here, the Indian public also seem to love their puzzle, action and adventure games.

The statistics

A study, conducted in 2017, showed that these three genres of online, mobile and localised games were the most popular among the immediate demographics.

Of those who engaged with games for more than 30 minutes a day, just over 29% of gamers prefer puzzle, action and adventure titles. Within that 29% of so-called ‘heavy gamers’, 40% said they enjoyed adventure games, 49% listed action games among their favourites and 54% reported playing puzzle games, with the majority of gamers who enjoy this genre being female.

Puzzle games were popular across all age groups, as were adventure games. Action games were found to be slightly less popular with the older age groups, though they weren’t completely obsolete like strategy or racing games.

Following closely behind the top three genres was sports games, though the recent trend in growing popularity of Esports would have certainly helped push these kinds of games to become more popular since the study.

Since then, it’s well known that India has invested heavily in game development startups within its own borders, localising the market and gaming ecosystem for the people. It’s to be expected that these popular genres have received even more titles under their names from Indian developers, who would want to strike the different markets while they’re hot.

Genre appeal

There is a common reason that all three of these genres are beloved the most in India, and it’s most likely due to their accessibility. All of these types of games appeal to the stimulation of the powerful self, whether personally or through an in-game character’s shoes.

It’s widely-believed video games – these genres in particular – are more engaging and bring people together more than binging TV shows and movies. Online games, which cover a whole spectrum of genres, appeal to those looking for social interaction. Puzzle games are intellectually stimulating, with many turning to these games to enhance or train their problem-solving, pattern recognition and use of logic.

Action games test the reflexes and hand-eye coordination of the player, training their reaction time or giving them the perceived power to overcome virtual barriers through physicality. Adventure games, like movies or books, let players become a part of a fantasy setting where they can inhabit the shoes of a protagonist who changes the world around them.

It’s no surprise that both male and female gamers enjoy these kinds of games more, and it’s no doubt that as the industry grows more types of games will begin to grow popular too.

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