PUBG ban in India: A funeral like no other! Gamers bid goodbye to PUBG in this viral video |

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, famously known as PUBG, was India’s most downloaded game in the last two years. Sadly for thousands of heart-broken gamers in India, PUBG got banned in India last week.
PUBG fans are having a difficult time coping up with the sudden ban on the multi-player activity game. The sudden boycott also propelled a few jokes and memes on social media.
Presently, a video of a group of diehard PUBG fans taking out a memorial service of their adored amusement has gone viral on social media.
Boys dressed in white chanting “Victor Victor Chicken Supper”, the ultimate prize of the last gamer standing at the virtual combat. They held a garlanded photo of the now banned game on their shoulders with the tune ‘Yaad teri aayegi, mujhko bada satayegi’ heard in the background.
The video is indeed hilarious and churned out some funny reaction from the social media users.

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