PS4 gamers with disabilities catered to by ‘The Last of Us’ part 2

Since the introduction of the gaming scene, which has become a great phenomenon over the years, accessibility generally focused on gaming software instead of console and little to no effort was made to include players with disabilities.

However, the developers of ‘The Last of Us’ 2, which is a PlayStation 4 game, are looking to change all of that. With more than 60 accessibility features and settings, gamers with hearing, vision, and fine motor skill disabilities have been catered to.

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According to the PlayStation site, there are three accessibility presets to choose from – vision, hearing, or fine motor skill disability. Furthermore, individuals can tweak options to suit their needs if preset options are not to their liking.

For gamers who are deaf or audibly impaired, subtitles are available; as well as vibration feedback in the controller. In addition, players can set visual prompts instead of sound cues to make make their gaming experience easier.

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For the visually impaired, listen mode znf sound effects have been enhanced; this way, players know ehich button to push. The game includes a high contrast mode which outlines characters, allies, enemies and objects in different colors.

Camera assist, auto weapon swap and auto pick up, navigation assistance, and repeated button presses are just some of the features included for individuals with fine motor skill disabilities.

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