Professional gamer raises thousands for Bangor’s homeless

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Sheldon Cary of Bangor is a professional gamer who teaches other E-sports competitors how to improv on Twitch, the live stream gaming channel.

Last Saturday, he asked his followers for donations to help the homeless, hoping to raise two hundred dollars. He raised more than $1,700 after his normal eight hour stream turned into 30 hours as donations kept rolling in. On Tuesday, he decided to do it again but was more prepared this time.

“This homeless problem in Bangor and in our community, it’s been a thing always,” Cary said. “I had to have a real moment with myself and ask, ‘what have I done?’ And the answer was, frankly, nothing.”

But Cary can’t say that anymore. After his impromptu fundraiser Saturday, his official “Charity Gaming-Stream” started Tuesday, and finished up Wednesday afternoon. All told, it was nearly 60 hours of live-streaming to raise money for the homeless in Bangor.

“I believe the final total was $4,333 before transaction fees.”

An impressive number, after an impressive all-nighter. Even more impressive is where the donations came from. Sheldon has followers from across the globe.

“I just knew that if I push through this, I’ll hit the European viewership, I’ll hit the Asian viewership. You know, Australia. And you could see it in the numbers internationally. People that didn’t even know Bangor, Maine. You can’t help but tear up to think when someone gives a hundred dollars from a different country to a place like Bangor that they don’t even know about. There’s a level of human compassion there that I think resonates with more than just me and the person giving.”

The money will be used to buy blankets, clothes, and other supplies. A Christmas gift from people all over the world for Bangor’s homeless.

”Pain is international,” Cary said. “It’s what links us past and present, and in their communities, they understand what it’s like to see people on the street with nothing.”

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