Please, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, I’m begging you to shut up

Over the last 35 years, I’ve been told by an incalculable number of friends, family members, teachers and colleagues that I could probably stand to talk a bit less, so please forgive the hypocrisy of pleading with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to just shut the hell up. I just want to play the game. Please let me play the game. 

I sincerely love World of Warcraft’s ridiculous plots, and I’ve been invested in the story of Azeroth at least since Warcraft 3, if not its predecessors, so I’m all for Blizzard’s writers pouring their hearts into the latest expansion. I’m not in the ‘less story’ camp, I’d just like to be a part of it sometimes. Or to do literally anything aside from watching people natter away. At the moment, it feels like there’s half of an RPG script in Shadowlands, with all of the protagonist’s parts missing. 

Shadowlands begins with a presentation. A long one. Before you can head to the afterlife, you need to watch Lich King Bolvar and the remaining leaders of the Horde and Alliance have a chat. Then there’s a ceremony and some magic and finally you arrive in the Shadowlands, specifically the Maw. There’s more waiting around watching people talk here, too, but it’s more restrained. Turns out that was just a palate cleanser for a dense chunk of endless, overwrought, completely forgettable blathering. 

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After escaping the Maw, I just wanted to go back. The introduction to Shadowlands’ hub takes the form of several meetings, a slow guided tour, some more conversations, a few more, and then finally you get to leave for Bastion. Guess what they absolutely love in Bastion? Talking! Exposition! Drama that doesn’t really involve you! The only people I wanted to talk to, a species of buff owls that effectively serve the angelic denizens of Bastion as slaves, get entirely sidelined amid all the big, pontificating speeches. 

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