PC gaming’s best trips to the moon

NASA has detected a tiny amount of water in the moon’s Clavius Crater, which sits low in the southern hemisphere of the moon’s sunlit surface. According to NASA, it’s the first confirmation that water exists on the moon outside of the “permanently shadowed craters” at the poles. One hope, says the agency, is that the presence of this lunar water will help with “establishing a sustainable human presence there by the end of the decade.” (Though they’d better hurry before The Wonderful Company puts a bottling plant and pistachio farm up there.)

Earth’s moon has featured more than a few times in PC gaming, and as the discovery has excited some curiosity on the PC Gamer team, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite moon levels. Perhaps they’ll prepare us for our future lives as water miners in the moon colonies. 

Destiny 2

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