Nvidia Ampere release date, specs, performance, and pricing

The Nvidia Ampere graphics card architecture has been finally unveiled and detailed. For years we had rumours yet no real proof the the next-gen GPU tech would bear the French physicist’s surname, but with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang taking us through the key features of at least the server-based version—from his kitchen—and following a couple of candid snaps, we know it’s real.

The sequel to the Volta and Turing GPUs should be the architecture to take real-time ray tracing further than we’ve yet seen and maybe even deliver it at 4K without turning your games into a slideshow. If all the rumours are true it could dominate the best graphics cards lists for the next 12 months at least. Mind you, if all the rumours are true then it’s going to be a million times faster than Turing and cure death.

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