Not for gamers ?! IPhone 12 and 12 Pro battery only lasts three hours in games – re:Jerusalem

The iPhone 12 line was announced during the first half of October with several renovations aimed at making the user even better usability of the device, and among the differentials was the renewal of the GPU to deliver even better gaming performance. .

However, in this new generation, Apple ended up reducing the battery capacity of the models, claiming that in practice users would not feel the difference when using the device, which is not true. Recently, the iPhone12 and 12 Pro devices were scanned in gaming tests and found to be far below expectations, making only 3 hours of playtime.

The less-than-expected result was in running 3D games, where both devices only hit 3:01 hours of battery life, something well below several competitors, and even the predecessor iPhone 11, which has managed to endure 7:37 hours of gaming, more than doubling the number of hours on the latest cellphones.

Among the games that have explored the performance of the A14 Bionic are the beloved battle royale of the moment “Call of Duty: Mobile” and Minecraft, which require a lot of continuous movement and end up being interesting options to experience the performance by. compared to gameplay.

Comparing with some Android phones, it is possible to see that Apple’s main competitor Samsung manages to achieve 8:29 hours of battery life in 3D games with the Galaxy S20 FE mobile phone, which is about to be announced. for the Brazilian market.

Considering this data, cellphones cannot be expected to have good battery life for gaming, so they end up not being such an attractive option for gamers.

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