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Deep in the murky crevices of Noita, within one of the rest areasinterstitial respites between its infernal biomes, I absent-mindedly purchased a spell modifier I didn’t fully understand. One of the core facets of this wonderful, maddening roguelike is the many ways you can alter your magic wands. With clever min-maxing and a little bit of exploration luck, you can become a true master of arcane prowess. But there is no safety net if that experimentation goes awry, or if you’re not paying attention. And so, I strapped this particular modifier to a wand that shoots a comically large spiral razorblade. I pointed to a distant wall, and clicked. The razorblade shot out towards the bricks, immediately cranked a U-turn, and plowed into my wizard at full-speed, killing me instantly. 


What is it? A wizardy, spell-slinging roguelike
Expect to pay: $20
Developer: Nolla Games
Publisher: Nolla Games
Reviewed on: Windows 10, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU GTX 1070 16.0 GB RAM
Multiplayer: No

After doing my research, I believe the modifier I attached to that wand was called “Boomerang,” and according to the greater Noita community, it’s pretty much useless unless paired with various healing spells. That’s the thing with Noita: Even the power-ups are conspiring to kill you.

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