No More Gamer Lean, The Exo Scuf Will Fix Your Gaming Posture

The Exo Scuf is a gaming cushion that fixes bad postures and makes playing more comfortable.

There is a guaranteed way to get good at video games and everyone knows it. Practice is a myth, consistency is a waste of time, and aim training? That stuff is for the birds. All of those “pro strats” are smoke and mirrors. The only thing that makes you good at video games is leaning in.

We all do it. A tough boss fight, a challenging bit of platforming, the last lap of Rainbow Road, it doesn’t matter what you’re playing — if you’re being a try-hard, you lean into your game.

Here’s the problem: sitting hunched over is actually, believe it or not, really bad for you! Poor posture while gaming can, over time, lead to discomfort in your hands, wrist, shoulders, and back. Slouching creates muscle tension that can have pretty serious long term effects. Stretching and taking breaks is good, but thanks to custom controller brand Scuf, there’s an even better solution.

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The Exo Scuf is an inflatable cushion that naturally improves posture by letting your arms rest in an elevated position. Here’s how it works:

The U-shaped pillow wraps around your body and creates a sort of platform on your lap for your arms to rest on. When you go into the “gamer lean,” the pillow prevents you from leaning too far forward and the elevation of your arms keeps your back straight. Simply put: it’s just a more comfortable way sit while still giving you the “sit forward” effect.

Could you pile pillows in your lap and get the same support? Sort of, but because the Exo is specifically designed for gaming it’s a far better option than any makeshift solution you could come up with. The cushion inflates in about 5 blows and has a one-way valve. Pressing on the valve slowly lets air out so you can adjust the pillow to the perfect height for your arms very easily. Also, because it’s inflatable it’s incredibly light. The U-shaped form of the pillow wraps around your sides and gives you that hugging-a-pillow feeling as well if you’re into that sort of thing.

Scuf sent an Exo to TheGamer, and it took me less than a second to realize it works exactly as advertised. I expected it would be something to get used to, but the position it makes you sit in is so natural and comfortable that I’m now grabbing it anytime I pick up a controller. I’ve also used it at my PC, and while the arms on my gaming chair are much better for supporting mouse and keyboard play, the Exo puts my arms in the perfect position when I’m primarily typing (like right now).

The cushion is in a soft fabric “pillowcase” that unzips on the inside to reveal the valve. This is my only real complaint about the Exo: sitting here at my desk in the dog days of summer, this thing is getting pretty sweaty. I don’t know what type of fabric would be better at dealing with it, but I can honestly say the only time I think about the Exo being on my lap is when I get too hot with it on me.

I’ll admit it’s a bit of a tough sell. The Exo Scuff is one of those “I didn’t know I needed that” products that you have to try to really “get it.” Once you do though, you’ll never want to play without it.

The Exo Scuf is available now for $39.99. Around the holidays there’s always some tension around buying gifts for gamers. It’s hard to know what they like, what they’ve played, or even what system they have — thanks to the next-gen consoles coming out in November — so I think the Exo might be the perfect gamer gift this holiday season. Anyone can use it regardless of what kind of games they play, and its just a thoughtful gift that shows you care about your gamer’s muscles and bones.

Scuf provided a Scuf Exo to TheGamer for this review. You can learn more about the Exo on their website.

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