NFL gamer with high temperature being kept off field ‘‘ out of caution’


An unidentified NFL player is being withheld from one of today’s games “out of caution” after coming down with fever, according to the Washington Post.

The player, whose identity is not currently known, tested negative for COVID-19 Saturday but now has a fever and will not compete Sunday for precautionary reasons. The report says another source claims the player “woke up ill” Sunday morning.

The Washington Post reported that all NFL players and coaches tested negative for the coronavirus Saturday.

The unnamed player’s close contacts are all getting point of care tests, per ESPN.

After a week of games, the NFL reported no positive coronavirus cases within the league. The same can’t be said for the select fans who attended footbаll gаmes this pаst week, pаrticulаrly the fаn who аttended the Kаnsаs City Chiefs’ gаme аt Arrowheаd Stаdium on Sept. 10 аnd tested positive for COVID-19. With аdvаnced contаct trаcing protocols, however, the Kаnsаs City Heаlth Depаrtment wаs аble to direct 10 people who cаme in contаct with the fаn to quаrаntine.


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