MANDEL: Markham man who confessed to gamers pleads guilty to slaughtering his family

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It was too late. When Zaman answered the door of his family’s Castlemore Ave. home, he was the only one left alive. Inside. officers discovered the bodies of his four victims upstairs.

According the agreed statement, Zaman had struck each of them on the head, most likely with a crow bar, and cut their throats when they fell to the floor. He admitted to police that he’d murdered his family but he wouldn’t tell them his motive.

But he told his friends.

“I did this bc i dont want my parents to feel the shame of having a son like me,” he explained to one . “I choose to kill them instead of (me) out of cowardess (sic).”

His fellow gamers would later express shock.

“I knew him for almost 6 years as one of his closest friends but I’ve never expected him to do this,” one wrote. “When he messaged me about the act and showed me the pictures I could not believe it. I just really wished I had paid more attention to the hints he gave about his plans, for perhaps I would of tried my best to stop it.”

After the murders, Zaman called himself a “pathetic coward and a subhuman.”

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As an atheist, he told a friend, he doesn’t believe in an afterlife.

“So i was scared to die and i wanted them to die so they didnt suffer knowing how much of a pathetic subhuman i was.”

“It’s all very selfish,” he admitted.  “im just pathetic.”

No words could be more true.

Zaman faces an automatic life sentence for first-degree murder with no parole eligibility for 25 years. But as he predicted, he’ll likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Because of the multiple murders, the judge could make him wait 75 years before he can even apply for release.

“I deserve punishment,” he told his friends.

And now, hopefully, he will get it.

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