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What is it? Mech-tacular RTS with strong whiffs of Company of Heroes.
Expect to pay $50/£47
Developer KING Art
Publisher Deep Silver
Reviewed on Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super, AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 32 GB Ram
Multiplayer? Yes
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Iron Harvest is a thirty-hour exercise in self one-upmanship. Oh! You think a crack sniper lady with a pet bear is cool, do you? Then how about a walking oil-drum armed with twin heavy-machine-guns? So you think that’s cool eh? Then how about a quadrupedal personnel-carrier that fires mortars out of its roof? OH! You think THAT’S cool, bucko? Then how about a goddamn BATTLE TRAIN? Yeah, you heard me. Battle. Train.

The game’s approach to entertainment is an avalanche of awe, burying your cynicism in a scrapheap of increasingly powerful toys that’ll have you grinning like a certain cat from a certain English county. It makes itself hard to dislike, even with a story that’s clumsily written and an underlying strategy engine that needs more oil in its gears.

Iron Harvest graduates from the Relic school of real-time-strategy circa 2006. A standard match sees you battling over resource-generating control points dotted around the map with the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy headquarters. Base-building and maintenance is streamlined to require minimal attention, such that the game can focus almost entirely on combat and conquest.

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

The basic formula sticks close to that established in Company of Heroes, but there is one crucial difference—the setting. Iron Harvest takes place in an alternate 1920s conceived by Polish artist Jakub Różalski and previously used for the critically acclaimed boardgame Scythe. Its story revolves around three factions that emerged from Iron Harvest’s version of World War One, namely Saxony, Rusvia, and Polania (no prizes for guessing the inspirations there). Iron Harvest focuses on the war’s aftermath, where a fragile truce between Saxony and Rusvia threatens to collapse under the pressure of a shadowy cabal of malicious instigators.

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