I love my steampunk robot, but Torchlight 3 feels like a step back

Railmaster or robot? That was the question I grappled with when first starting Torchlight 3, which flickered to life in Steam Early Access this weekend. There are four character classes in Torchlight 3, but really there are only two because who wants to be sharpshooter or a mage when you can choose a train-summoner or a steam-powered robot?

I eventually picked the correct choice: Robot. (By the looks of things in the common areas, so did roughly 75% of other players.) And I have zero regrets about passing on the Railmaster because I’ve basically turned my plucky little robot into a train. I can launch a dash attack by speeding headfirst into mobs repeatedly. When my temperature rises high enough from firing my chest-mounted gun I can let out a steam-whistle sound and generate a huge explosion.

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