How modders made Skater XL their dream skate game

XXL mod might let you do unrealistic things, but it’s so much fun from r/SkaterXL

When Skater XL launched in July, fans were disappointed. Though it had been in Early Access since 2018, two years later it still felt light on mechanics compared to other skateboarding games. But now, barely two months since that release, modders have come to the rescue. They haven’t just added cosmetics and maps—they’ve completely opened the game up. Players can now edit all of their stats to customize how Skater XL plays—down to adjusting how strong the gravity is, making tricks like the one above possible. 

Modders have completely transformed the indie skater into their own vision of what a skating game should be. They’ve made all in-game stats adjustable, given players complete control over the camera, and made other changes to help it resemble real-life skating. They’ve also added their own parks, boards, skins, and more to help them customize their shredding time.  

Gravity-defying ollies 

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