Here’s an entire quest in Morrowind conversion Skywind

The fan remake of Morrowind in the game engine of Skyrim, called Skywind, has released a new video of an entire quest, start to finish, in the mod. Skywind is am ambitious mod that seeks to “do justice to a game that helped define the RPG genre” by updating it, in its entirety, to a more modern game engine. The new trailer shows off Battle at Nchurdamz, a quest which has the player delving into an ancient, clockwork dwarven ruin only to find more ancient Daedric ruins beneath it. 

The team behind Skywind is most excited about a new process shown off in the Dwemer Spider enemies in this video. They’ve simplified the work it takes to create custom creature skeletons and animations in the engine, meaning that they now have the tools to do important custom Morrowind-native creatures like Guars, Betty Netches, Silt Striders, and Kwama.

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