Hearthstone Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card reveal: Tenwu of the Red Smoke

Hearthstone is heading to the Darkmoon Faire for its next expansion, with the madness set to start just over a week from now on November 17. Which means we’re slap back in the middle of a particularly frenzied reveal season, and boy do we have a spicy exclusive to show you. Say hello to the new Rogue Legendary, Tenwu of the Red Smoke.

As a member of the secretive Shado-Pan group, Tenwu visited the faire when the Old Gods attacked. Happily, he’s always up for a fight. He’s a 2-Mana 3/2 with a real Shadowstep-on-a-stick vibe, only better. Tenwu’s text reads ‘Battlecry: Return a friendly minion to your hand. It costs (1) this turn’. Being able to repeat powerful effects makes Tenwu one of the most exciting cards revealed so far, and I’ve already started thinking about all the synergies that he’ll enable.

Of course you can’t talk about a Shadowstep effect without mentioning Hall of Fame dodger, Edwin VanCleef. With Edwin, it’s all about playing lots of low-cost cards to grow big and strong, so gaining an extra +2/+2 with the help of Tenwu will ensure Edwin is a chonky boi when he finally drops onto the board.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Galakrond Rogue continues to look good in Tier 2 at present, and there’s no doubt it’ll make room for Tenwu of the Red Smoke. Slamming down Kronx Dragonhoof after summoning Galakrond is already a power spike turn, but being able to return Kronx to your hand and replay it for 1-Mana is incredible value. That’s right, that’s two Devastations.

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