Good news for Indian gamers, PUBG Mobile ID’s will be transferred from Global to Indian version

PUBG Mobile India Update: Old IDs Transfer

Coming to the aid of the PUBG Esport Indian gaming community, a customized version of PUBG Mobile will be available by the end of 2020.  The developers have confirmed that the PUBG Mobile India Update version will differ from the original global version of the game.

Since the announcement of the Indian version, players have wondered if they will get their ID’s back as well as if they will be able to play with other versions. The answers according to reports from multiple sources is yes!

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Users will likely be able to have their Skins and In-App purchases from Global Version on their Indian Version. In-Game now, it shows for a user that their character has migrated to the Indian version. Many, including me, were worried about their purchases and stats in their Global version, that it wouldn’t be transferred and had to be started from the start. Hope this is a positive sign.

The servers as we all know are based out of India and any games made by Krafton or its partners will be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. However, IDs with a ban sentence of 10 years will not be migrated to the India version.

The PUBG Mobile leaks point at the game starting at Level 1. However, it is disputed as of now. Every migrated Indian gamer ID will carry forward the past rewards, achievements, frames, Pubg Mobile India UCs, tier resets, skins, 2-2 rename cards, and many more.

“We fundamentally don’t see any real difference between what was and what will come in. It’s the same game play with some cosmetic changes that suit Indian sensibilities. The love for the genre and the gameplay is not forgotten. The game will be back with the same fervour for the core community,” Akshat Rathee, MD & Co-Founder at NODWIN Gaming told when asked about the changes the game has made.

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