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Gaming has evolved so much that the criticality of gaming headphones is more than ever. Whether you are playing a multiplayer game or experiencing an open-world adventure, getting premium gaming earbuds and headphones ensures superior performance. These gaming earbuds and headphones come with a microphone and are known for their comfortable texture, long shelf life, reliability, and impeccable performance.

So, if you are looking for gaming earbuds and headphones, take a look at some of the finest ones available online in India:

Gaming Earbuds & Headphones

Well, if you are a professional gamer, the offered battle buds from Turtle Beach are a blessing for you. Available in silver and black colors, these gaming earbuds come with a removable high sensitivity mic that picks up your voice clearly during an intense multiplayer match. This gaming earbud is appreciated for its lightweight and comfortable-to-wear feature. Available with three sizes of interchangeable ear tips, these earbuds are known for their multi-function inline controller. An excellent choice for FPS gamers.

Buckle up your gaming chair and be prepared as this on-ear wired headphone from Cosmic Byte is going to give you jitters with respect to the audio experience. This gaming headphone comes in black color and is appreciated for its immersive 3D gaming sound. Versed with high precision magnetic neodymium driver, the offered gaming headphone provides you with a 360-degree soundscape. The resilient noise cancellation boom mic is known to pick up your voice and distinguish between it & background noise.

If you are searching for a rugged yet comfortable gaming headphone, this one from Turtle Beach is something you cannot miss. The offered gaming headphone comes with a 3.5 mm jack and is versed with a plush leather-wrapped headband and breathable fabric-wrapped ear-cushions. In addition to this, the offered product includes 50 mm over-ear speakers and is appreciated for its high performance and long shelf life.

Don’t miss this over-the-ear gaming headset from Kotion Each in black/blue color. The offered gaming headphone is equipped with a high precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver and is appreciated for its vivid sound field, sound clarity, and impressive sound shock feeling. Moreover, the offered gaming headset comes with glaring LED lights exhibiting the atmosphere of the game. This product is available with a braided wire, which ensures its durability and trims down external resistance.

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Purchase this stupendous gaming headphone from HyperX in black color. Available with 90-degree rotating ear cups, the offered gaming headphone is equipped with 50mm directional drivers for audio precision and memory foam with an adjustable steel slider. Along with this, the offered product works ideally with PCs and PS4 gaming consoles. Other features include noise-cancellation nature, durability, and superior performance.

EKSA offers this impeccable over-ear gaming headphone that’s available in blue color. The offered gaming headphone is compatible with Mac, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. In addition to this, the offered product comes with adjustable rotating 15°earmuffs fits for all head ear shapes. This gaming headphone comes with a mic and in-built powerful 40mm magnetic neodymium driver.

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