Gamer’s mom releases $ 500,000 worth of games

A New Yorker discovered an almost total loss of his video game collection this week. The entire collection of discarded video games is valued at no less than $ 500,000.

An employee of the New York City J&L Game store took the unfortunate collector to the internet to post his reaction to the situation on social media. The player was storing his video games in his old family home, with a wide variety of titles and consoles that would have rivaled the massive WWE Wrestler Asuka group.

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The employee joked in a since-deleted thread on Twitter, “People are going to die. I just found out that my mother a few years ago got rid of all my PS1 games. More than 500 games are still half closed. I’m going to kill someone.” According to the thread, since checking out the set two years ago, “games worth over $ 500,000” have been dumped. In addition to the classic, rare tossed PlayStation games, the mother of the game collector has also decided to ditch some rare old consoles. These include very rare Famicom, Super Famicom, Atari, and NeoGeo AES systems, and more. The unhappy son says he has lost “basically every system and game” that was stored in his parents’ home.

The oldest video game consoles

To make matters worse, the valuable slander did not end with just a video game. Lots of non-toy merchandise was also part of the (seemingly huge) collateral damage of the cleanup. Mommy threw a lot of musical equipment, including two Marshall amplifiers, 14 effect pedals, and a drum kit. More tweets from the player reveal that he is rare Magic: the gathering Cards and picture book collection also claimed through cleaning. Later, the player took to Twitter again, except this time to apologize for “losing control. I’m out of the night.”

It is very unfortunate that this person lost thousands on all kinds of game software and hardware. However, better communication between him and his mother could have prevented this group of superhero fans of these video games from ending up in the trash can. It’s a bit strange that the tweets came from what appears to be a business-oriented Twitter handle. Plus, oddly enough, he’s realizing this now that games seem to have been phased out for years. The exact total value of the missing portion of the video game collection remains unclear.

The loss of some of the rarest console and game consoles, especially the life-long set, is a heartbreaking situation for any gamer. If anyone doubts the worth of half a million antique game sets, a copy of Super Mario Bros 3 It just sold for $ 153,000. Perhaps now, he will be keeping a close eye on his video game collection in the future. Hopefully, the rest of the goods will find a safer location, perhaps further from his mother.

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Source: VG 24/7

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