Gamers Hold Fundraising Sale for NAACP, Community Bail Fund

Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality screenshot
The bundle offers hundreds of downloadable storytelling games for as little as $5.

A group of online gamers is standing up for racial equality and has raised over $1 million for the NAACP and Community Bail Fund in the process.

More than 560 independent creators of video games and tabletop role playing games have banded together with gaming site to offer The Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality, a collection of 700 games of various genres – including instructions and guidance on how to play for newcomers. And you get every one of the titles with a minimum $5.00 donation.

Combined, all titles included would cost about $3,400.

They “pay what you want” style is a common sales format for independent publishers in this genre and is also a common fundraising method. As of Saturday, has raised $1,024,683 in donations, with all proceeds being split evenly between its two beneficiaries.

The Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality offer ends Monday, June 15.

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