Gamer Robbed At Gunpoint During Live Stream Saved By Viewers

A gamer in Brazil has thanked his viewers for alerting police after he was robbed at gunpoint during a live stream. You can watch footage of the shocking moment here:

Guilherme Menezes was gaming from his home in the Guaruja municipality, Sao Paulo, on Friday (9 October) when his headset was removed and a gun was pointed at his forehead.

The 25-year-old – known online as ‘Guixxm’ – was doing a live stream at the time and one of Guilherme’s viewers who knows where he lives quickly alerted the police. Meanwhile, Guilherme was moved into another room with the rest of us his family, where there was another home invader with a machete.

Speaking to Brazilian news outlet G1, Guilherme said: “As the game is my job and I get paid for it, when I’m focused on playing I don’t get distracted.

“So in the video you can see that I only notice the assault when he actually puts the gun to my head. So much so that I even thought that it was a joke from someone in my family, but when I looked at his face, I realized what was happening.

“He pulled me out and I found my family all surrendered in the room. There was another robber with a machete.”

Guilherme was fully focussed on his game when the criminals broke in. Credit: Newsflash
Guilherme was fully focussed on his game when the criminals broke in. Credit: Newsflash

As the thieves rounded up everything valuable in the house, including money and jewellery, Guilherme said his biggest concern was his dad, who is elderly and has a heart condition.

Thankfully though, police arrived promptly at the scene and both men attempted to flee – one of whom got away. The other 33-year-old – who has not been named – was found to be in possession of a fake gun and was arrested.

Guilherme said: “Although one of the criminals took money and jewellery, I think the material loss was much less with the arrival of the PM [Military Police]. They arrived so quickly, because as I was broadcasting live, one of the people who was watching me knew my address and my community was able to reach the police.”

Guilherme has subsequently shared a post thanking his viewers for saving him and his family.

He said: “Guys, you saved my life and that of my family. Thanks to being on live, the police managed to arrive in the middle of the robbery. Thank you.”

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