Gamer Attacked In The Face By Magpie During Twitch Livestream

An Aussie gamer received quite the surprise yesterday after a magpie casually flew into his face at approximately 189 km/hr during a livestream.

Twitch user Lynchy was playing Valorant when, all of sudden, a magpie entered the room and started to cause a commotion.

“What the fuck. Oi, get out of here,” the 28-year-old said, getting out of his chair. “There’s a fuckin’ magpie in my house.”

As soon as he sat down, though, in an effort to compose himself, the magpie greeted his head.

And when I say greeted, I mean slammed into his face at high speed. A brutal collision, but one that was miraculously caught on camera.

Here’s the now-iconic Twitch attack in two parts…

This magpie has obviously shown a complete disregard for social distancing. Not good. Check out the clash below.

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Twitch: lynchy_au / YouTube: Sausage Roll

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