Fight with furniture in surreal puzzle-adventure Creaks

Fine purveyors of very weird, often funny adventure games Amanita Design have released side-scrolling platform puzzler Creaks this week. It’s a rather beautifully illustrated, fantastically scored adventure about a man who crawls through a wall and into a surreal world of bird people and furniture monsters. What happens next is, predictably, rather strange. 

Creaks is a departure in its gameplay, so don’t expect the normal brain-burning Amanita Design puzzles: These are more about timing and order of operations in a live environment. It’s a game well suited to play with a controller on the couch, and an interesting foray into a new environment for a well-known studio that previously only did one kind of thing. Of course, if you’re playing for the surreal environments and Amanita’s distinct visual style, you will be well treated by Creaks.

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