Ex-‘Splatoon’ pro gamer in Tokyo nabbed for alleged obscene act with teen

The Metropolitan Police Department headquarters (Mainichi/Kenji Yoneda)

TOKYO — A former professional gamer was arrested on Oct. 7 for an alleged sexual assault of a junior high school girl at his residence in the capital’s Edogawa Ward after inviting her over to watch an event for Nintendo Co.’s popular video game “Splatoon.”

Vocational school student and ex-Splatoon pro gamer Kai Asano, 20, is specifically accused of forced sexual intercourse and kidnapping for the purpose of obscenity.

He is suspected of sending a text to a junior high school girl he got acquainted with on Twitter, saying, “Let’s watch video games together. There are other women here too.” Asano allegedly called her out to Tokyo Metro Kasai Station, then took her to his home and performed obscene acts on her around Aug. 15.

Asano has denied the allegations and told police that “it wasn’t forced.”

According to Asano’s former agency, he had been working as a Splatoon pro-gamer under the name Igu since November last year, but his contract was terminated after suspicions over the obscene act surfaced. The Metropolitan Police Department’s Kasai Police Station said Asano and the female student had been sending texts about the game to each other on Twitter.

(Japanese original by Hironori Tsuchie, City News Department)

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