Elder Scrolls Online reveal event delayed to avoid clash with presidential inauguration

During the Game Awards last year we got to see a teaser of the year-long adventure that will play out across The Elder Scrolls Online in 2021. It’s called Gates of Oblivion, and it sure looks like the big angry Daedric Prince called Mehrunes Dagon is up to no good. A global reveal event was announced for January 21, but today Bethesda and ZeniMax Online announced that, “Due to Inauguration Day in the United States falling on Jan. 20, we are moving our Global Reveal Event for Gates of Oblivion from Thursday, Jan. 21 to Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 5PM EST/10PM GMT.”

The event will be broadcast on Bethesda’s Twitch channel, and will feature ESO’s Creative Director Rich Lambert and other members of the development team talking about the various new systems, adventures, and worlds that will be part of Gates of Oblivion. Players with linked Bethesda accounts can get a free dragon frog pet for tuning in.

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