Crusader Kings 3 players have eaten 1.5 million prisoners

Crusader Kings 3 received its first patch today, bringing with it a massive list of balance tweaks, along with some UI changes and bug squashing. And because it’s CK3, the patch notes get pretty weird. Paradox also released some stats from the game’s first month, revealing our many atrocities. 

First off, the 1.1 update. CK3 feels like Paradox’s most polished and most playtested grand strategy romp yet, but it’s also incredibly dense, so the team’s found plenty to tweak. For instance, it’s now harder to abduct other rulers or members of their court, suggesting that royal kidnappings were getting out of hand. It also looks like courtiers were running out on their kids too often, so now they’ll be more likely to stick around if you have a kid with them. 

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