Cloudpunk finally gets a cockpit view, and it looks fantastic

I absolutely adore Cloudpunk, the cyberpunk delivery-driver game, but the one thing it was missing when I played through it earlier this year was a proper cockpit view. The third-person chase camera is great for getting a look at the city of Nivalis, but for a pure sense of immersion you just can’t beat actually getting behind the wheel. A first-person mode was added to the game in June which was a big step in the right direction, but a driving game without a proper cockpit view is, well, just incomplete.

Today it is incomplete no longer: A new update from developer Ion Lands adds the long-awaited cockpit view to the game. The camera can be unlocked to look around inside your car and out through the windows, and to facilitate parking (which can be dodgy even in third-person), a holographic down-looking camera will appear in your dash during your approach.

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