Can it run Crysis Remastered? Devs say ‘there is no card out there’ that can hit 30fps at peak 4K

Crysis Remastered is due to launch this Friday. Boasting software ray tracing as well support for hardware acceleration, it takes the original game, released way back in 2007, and re-skins it to make use of modern hardware, and to run on the latest high-resolution screens all the way up to 8K displays. We sat down with the Project Lead of Crysis Remastered, Steffen Halbig, to find out what the new take on the game brings to the table, and also discover what’s happening under the hood. 

There were a number of interesting things that came out of the interview, including why software ray tracing still matters, how things have changed in the last 13 years, and whether ray tracing really is the future of gaming, but the thing that jumped out most was about the new ‘Can it run Crysis’ mode

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