Call of Duty Cold War is even bigger than Modern Warfare in 4K ‘Ultra RTX’ mode

If you can believe it, Call of Duty Cold War will be even more gargantuan than the last CoD, Treyarch has confirmed. The PC specifications for Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War were released yesterday, and while the general specification looks a little easier on your PC than the beta insisted upon, it’s the 250GB of storage space you’ll need to free up for ‘Ultra RTX’ mode that has our HDD cages rattling in fear.

Okay, settle down. That’s only for the RTX on, 4K-out-your-ears mode, which also asks for an Nvidia RTX 3080. This includes everything necessary to “run the game at a high FPS in 4K resolution with ray tracing”. In other words, massive high-res textures and the like.

(Image credit: Treyarch)

If you aren’t aiming for 4K, and instead see yourself instead looking for the maximum refresh rate your monitor can muster, all game modes combined will require just 175GB. If all you really want is the bare, no-frills multiplayer experience, you’ll need just 50GB free on your SSD or HDD.

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