Blizzard apologizes for Hearthstone rewards mess, says changes are coming

In the wake of widespread unhappiness over sweeping changes to Hearthstone‘s reward system, Blizzard has promised to make adjustments to the new Tavern Pass that will swap out card packs for more gold in the the later stages of the reward track. It also reassured players that there will be more opportunities to earn rewards tied to events, and apologized for the “confusion and disappointment we have caused.”

When Blizzard announced the reward overhaul in October, it promised that it was “absolutely not taking away any of the gold you can earn” through gameplay. “One of the goals of the new progression system is to give you more gold, more reward, and more cosmetics for all players,” senior game designer John Yang said at the time. “No matter if you play the game ten hours or 1000 hours an expansion, you should be expecting to be more rewarded for your time.”

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