Astro A20 wireless gaming headset review

The Astro A20 wireless gaming headset tackles a problem we are all too ashamed to talk about. I’m talking about having too many damn headsets. 

Before I started reviewing headsets for a living, I was notorious for having 3-5 headsets in my rotation for daily work and gaming use. I’d have a pair for working out, a pair of noise-canceling headphones to drown out my coworkers in NYC, one with a good mic for online gaming and a separate one I’d use solely for listening to music, or the wireless one for gaming while standing at my desk. I think it’s safe to admit that I have a problem when it comes to headphones and decided I needed one for every possible scenario. I have been trying every day to cut that 3-5 number down to a modest 1-3. It’s… been a process. 

Astro A20 specs

Driver-type: 40 mm Neodymium
Frequency response: 20–20KHz
Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz
Microphone frequency response: 100–16,000 Hz
Design style:
Microphone: attached uni-directional
Connectivity: USB 2.0 High Speed over USB-C
Weight: 318g
Battery Life: 15 hours
Price: $120

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