AC Valhalla A Feline’s Footfall: How to get it

Have you been searching Asgard for a feline’s footfall in AC Valhalla? The land of the Norse gods has its own separate story arc that runs adjacent to the main story and can be accessed fairly early on in the game. As you’d imagine, Asgard has many strange quirks, not least of all some of the quest items that you’re expected to recover there. One quest tasks you with recovering the ‘root of a mountain’ and the Feline’s Footfall quest is just as odd.

If you’ve not made it to Asgard yet, a rank 3 AC Valhalla settlement is required so you can build the Seer’s Hut for Valka and complete the quest she gives you. If you do decide to check it out, don’t worry, you can leave AC Valhalla Asgard once you’ve cleared the initial quest there. 

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