A Monster’s Expedition is a delightfully twee puzzle game

A Monster’s Expedition is a new puzzle game where you explore an open, outdoor museum for monsters who want to learn more about human civilization. It’s an historical, human, and very cute experience. A Monster’s Expedition is the latest from puzzle game designer Draknek and collaborators, billed here as Draknek & Friends. Draknek is behind some of the better puzzle games of the past decade, like Cosmic Express and hit indie puzzler Sokobond

A Monster’s Expedition is adorable, and quite funny, but it’s the simple joy of the puzzles and explorable world that make it good. It’s rare to actually call a game that can challenge your brain relaxing, but this is one of them. If a puzzle is too hard, you can generally just go solve a puzzle somewhere else in the open world. It’s also simple-enough for anyone to play—mostly just pushing things around.

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