16 years later, World of Warcraft players finally found Mankrik’s wife—in hell

“Where’s Mankrik’s wife” is one of World of Warcraft’s longest-running memes, and it it all started with a forgettable little quest. Back when World of Warcraft first launched in 2004, Horde players would venture into the vast Barrens and would encounter an orc named Mankirk who had been separate from his wife during a quillboar attack.

It was an infamously difficult quest to complete because the Barrens was one of WoW’s biggest zones and Mankrik’s directions to her possible location were so vague. There weren’t any markers directing you where to go back in those days, so players could spend hours looking for her. Most would turn to Barrens chat—a zone-wide chat channel—to ask for help, which in turn spawned the meme.

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